Triple S Red Shadow

Reddy is from Painter’s Triple S Ranch in Nebraska. She sold us on Bob and Jan’s breeding program. She is laid-back and kind, yet agile and cowy. She has been worked around cattle in rough country and had a rope swung on her. She takes everything in stride. Reddy is the boss of all our horses, yet is never a bully. When we walk out in a group of horses, it is Reddy who stays close and acts as our bodyguard. The rest of the group stay back unless we want to walk up to them.

Red has shown herself to be a good mountain horse, a steady lesson mount for our grand-daughters, and a good producer. In 2012 we will be starting her daughter, Dawn Wind’s Valiant Mae. By good producer, I mean she produces her strong genetic type and disposition. Red is over 21% Red Correll breeding, so is also high percentage Winterset breeding. This adds to her value here as we want that good mind, the soundly-built conformation, and the quiet temperament.


You can find Red Shadow’s pedigree here.


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