Dawn Winds Valiant Mae

(Toroy Mist’s Golden Master X Triple S Red Shadow).

Mae has entered our broodmare ranks.  Mae, like her dam, Triple S Red Shadow, is steady-minded, very trainable, and agile. She has good Morgan feet, a laid-back shoulder, good hip, and strong coupling. Mae is a joy to be around, always peaceful and kind.

Mae outdid herself, producing a superior colt in 2011. He is her first and is by Braveheart of Timespast. He is Dawn Winds Creedence, and no, he is not for sale. He gets to grow up and prove himself. Yes, he’s that good!

Every summer we discuss how easy it would be to just get on her. But saddle-training needs more time than a few spare moments here and there. She is ready! Mae is steady as her dam and exemplifies the Triple S sane mind and robust health. Our Triple mares are like babysitters, watching out for we humans and never being disrespectful. We love her and want her to be loved and used rather than spend her life just in pasture.




Happy barefoot Morgans!