Our History

Dawn Wind Morgans originated as a partnership between Sid Spencer and Pam Barone McDermott (aunt/niece) in 1973. We began with the Neeley stallion, Teton Torchy, and mares of good California bloodlines.

Mike began his Morgan connection with his mother’s purchase of the 19 year old Morgan mare, Miss Brown. She was Mike’s hunting horse for quite a few years.

Through the years, we McDermotts have revised somewhat but the goal was always there to be an asset to the Morgan breed.


We are dedicated to preserving true Morgan bloodlines without modern-day Saddlebred/Hackney dilutions. The early Western ranches that used Morgans culled rigorously any Morgans that didn’t measure up. Their Morgans had to remain sound throughout their work careers. Their dispositions had to be kindly and well-intentioned toward their human partners. They had to have minds that would not allow panic but had nerve and courage, being able to think things through.

We, at Dawn Wind, look for the same. It is tough to cull ones that show poor dispositions or conformational weaknesses. That is why it is always wise to start with the best individuals, and then ride them so they can prove themselves.

All of our mature Morgans are saddle horses. We no longer compete with them but every Morgan we have must be capable of being taken out of pasture, saddled up and ridden off. Why have it any other way? Why raise foals from a sire or dam of poor disposition? Why expect great things from a structurally-unsound or mentally-unstable parent? In the past we have competed in NATRC Competitive Trail Rides, Reining, Team-penning, Ranch Sorting and English/Western Pleasure classes. At this point in time, we have individuals who “can-do” but we are getting older.

Structural correctness makes for soundness. It also makes for true Morgan type. The Morgan breed is based on structural correctness and usability. The breed’s famous disposition is what we ride all day long. If that is missing, we can’t depend on our mount to carry us through the day safely. Morgans love their people and are inclined to take care of them.

When you go looking for your next Morgan, expect the best. Look for a partner who has style and kindliness wrapped up in a true Morgan body. Expect to be partners for many years. Morgans are like that, you know!!……………….”

Happy barefoot Morgans!